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The USA offers property purchasers strong potential in carefully selected locations. Please read on to access useful investment information on the American property market.

The USA is a top location in terms of relocation and holidays for European investors. Buyers seek a solid investment arena in which to purchase, with well a established infrastructure and tourist facilities to satisfy the stringent demands of today's visitors. Many new condo purchases in top USA holiday hotspots are traditionally offer the best returns on investment, and purchasers are choosing from a wide range of options, not only within the many Disney satellites but also superb beachfront developments and golf or ski resorts in key locations.

Economic Factors

  • A relatively low cost of living and favorable Dollar/Euro/Pound ratio, along with a broad range of choice, makes the USA a retail paradise.
  • A tourist industry hosting over 40 million visitors per year fuels a healthy rental market.
  • Internal migration from the north to south stimulates the need for long-term rental homes in certain regions such as Florida, California and Las Vegas.
  • The legal and buying process is highly developed and transparent which gives the buyer added confidence.
  • Certain regions have not been exploited yet and, with the right advice, some offer the investor a chance to tap into an emerging market.
  • Selected off-plan schemes give the investor the opportunity for capital growth.
  • A variety of building types offers investors a selection of properties from stand-alone homes to units in condo-hotels.
  • Easy access via direct flights from many international airports.

Property purchase in certain carefully selected areas of the USA offers investors prime opportunity to gain high returns on investment. INBIB works with a close network of developers, land owners and agents who collaborate to create a carefully vetted list of sources and contacts, allowing us to find our clients the very best options available today. We can also assist you to set up joint venture opportunities and implement investment strategies with the help of our trusted network of professionals.

We maintain valuable contacts with many large-scale individual investors and investment consortiums who wish to take advantage of the current hot investment locations in the USA.

For investors who tap into a strong ongoing market in highly sought after tourist locations, investment property in USA is a highly attractive option. Many purchasers enjoy year-round rental income from their properties while patiently waiting for long term capital growth to materialise when future market stability takes hold. Not only is the USA an outstanding country in terms of lifestyle and climate, it offers many economical and political advantages to today's overseas property investors.

Intelligent cash investors are making the most of today´s low real estate prices in the USA, buying at greatly reduced prices, safe in the knowledge that they will receive strong investment returns in the future.

Homebuyers in USA

Traditionally the majority of homebuyers in the USA are those who buy-to-let. However this market is also supported by purchasers who, despite the obstacles, are determined to emigrate or retire in the States. This determination is stimulated by the climate and lifestyle especially in areas such as Florida and California for retirees and the quality of education for families wishing to emigrate to a better life. The excellent build quality and a straightforward buying process are other factors that influence the decision to buy property in the USA.

Long-term capital growth in key locations, give property investors great reassurance in a worthwhile investment.

USA Property Hotspots

USA property is on offer at all prices to suit all budgets, from the well heeled to more modest pockets, but there is no doubt that the best hotspot is the one that suits the buyers needs. Currently Florida, California and Las Vegas are high demand locations, especially for the buy-to-let market owing to the shorter flight times to Europe. There is a rising market in the counties surrounding New York, although property within the Big Apple itself remains beyond the reach of most buyers.

Coastal properties and locations where there is access to lakes or rivers remain hot favourites with buyers. Purchasers who are thinking of immigration also go where they will find the best job opportunities, climate and education to suit their needs; Florida and California remain top choices for these buyers.

INBIB's assessment

Investors are presently facing the realities of dropping property prices (average 25 - 50% p.a.). However, they are happy to buy extremely low and ride the economic storm, in anticipation of a revival in the market, a situation which, according to many analysts, will inevitably start to take effect around late 2010. Wisely chosen real estate gives opportunity to obtain maximum capital growth in the long term, boosted by high rental yields over the investment period.

Spurred on by a strong tourist market, buy-to-let investment in holiday areas offers strong potential to the rental investor. These areas include coastal regions of the east and west, ski resorts of California, Year – round California holiday resorts or year-round Las Vegas and Florida where investors benefit from the absence of any off-peak seasons. Rental yields in key locations such as Orlando can reach some 12% per annum, to which investors can add eventual annual capital appreciation upon resale. In addition, internal migration from the north to the south also stimulates the need for long-term rental homes in certain regions such as Florida, California and Las Vegas.

Properties should be chosen in optimum rental locations in and around main tourist attractions to maximise rental returns. Florida, California and Las Vegas are regions without off-seasons, while the buy-to-let market in these locations is extremely popular with Britons, Australians and New Zealanders. INBIB works with USA property management partners and believe targets up to 25% return pa are possible for all the year round holiday vacation properties. Notwithstanding this we can plan ahead so that you get 2 weeks holiday vacation in your own property as a USA tax deduction including travelling costs.

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Please Note - The information contained above should not be regarded as legal or tax advice and is our opinion only.

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